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Powerstop Extreme Brake Performance Systems

Power Stop Extreme Performance brake rotors and pads were first introduced in California in 1997. Over the years, Power Stop has earned a reputation for high quality by assuring tight tolerances and the best materials.

The Powerstop mission is to provide the best solution for your vehicle's braking problem.

Power Stop uses extensive testing to develop the best rotor and pad combination for your vehicle and driving style.

Today, Power Stop is more committed to new product development and innovation than ever before. Powerstop has developed a culture through demanding criteria.  The criteria mandates high pad bite without high temperature fade or pedal pressure deterioration. Powerstop uses independent dynamometer testing to validate brake performance including pre-burnish (green) friction, high temperature brake fade, pedal pressure sensitivity, speed sensitivity and noise. 

Truly Powerstop products deliver better than OE performance at an affordable price.


Powerstop Evolution Z16 Ceramic Brake Pads

Power Stop’s Evolution ceramic is the fastest growing line of brake pads in North America.

Professional technicians prefer Evolution ceramic pads for problem free installations and no come-backs.

Z16 Ceramic brake pads are engineered for noise free braking with dual rubber backed shims that offer 6 times more noise reduction than plain steel shims. The pad surfaces are thermal scorched for fast break-in. Evolution pads feature a true ceramic formula that keeps wheels cleaner, and won’t wear-out the rotors.

Powerstop Evolution Drilled and Slotted Rotors

Powerstop Evolution Rotors start out as a high quality G3000 certified grey iron material.

These crossdrilled and Slotted rotors are crafted using OEM standards of measurment to fit exactly on your car or truck with out any modifications.

Drilled holes reduce brake heat by 180 degrees and reduce the risk of brake warp; slotted channels remove dust and gas; improving pad to rotor contact.

Silver Zinc plating keep rotors looking great behind the wheel by resisting rust formation.

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