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Starting in 1936 NGK has become, and still is a world leader in manufacturing. NGK manufactures primarily spark plugs and spark plug wires. NGK also manufactures oxygen sensors, and air-fuel ratio sensors.

Most mechanics commonly associate NGK spark plugs with Japanese manufactured engines when the fact is that they manufacture for nearly every engine for every make and model vehicle sold in the USA.

Since the early 2000's NGK became the leading factory installed spark plug for German manufactures like Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW.



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NGK Laser Platinum plugs feature a dual platinum surface creating a high spark ignition fire and dramatically reduces wear rates over standard copper core and single platinum surface spark plugs.

This is an excellent plug for faster starts and acceleration and also provide better fuel economy and lower emissions.

Platinum is one of the rarest elements on earth, is highly resistant to break down and corrosion even at high temperatures. Platinum is used on several components in a vehicle such as oxygen sensors, spark plugs, electrical contacts, and catalytic converters.

NGK Iridium IX spark plugs

NGK Iridium IX plugs are the true enthusiast iridium spark plug.  Extremely long lasting plug features a .6mm welded iridium tip, extreme ignitability, improved throttle response, and superior anti fouling.

Iridium is the second densest element and the most corrosion resistant metal.  This metal does not break down even at temperatures over 2000 Degrees Celcius. 




V-power spark plugs feature NGK's patented Vpower 45 degree cut center electrode and trivalent metal plating provides improved performance and durability then standard copper core plugs.


NGK G-POWER Platinum alloy spark plugs

Improved efficiency

Better fuel milage

Quicker starts when compared to a standard copper spark plug.

Fine wire platinum tip decreases voltage requirements with out reducing the effective spark power.

The NGK G-power plug is the best platinum plug at an economical price

NGK Wires

Meet or exceed manufacture specifications

Designed to reduce RFI (Radio Fruequency Interference) and EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) cause by spark plug firing

Supression design resolves a variety of problems such as "cross-talk" from static signals

Eliminates incorrect signals interpreted by the vehicle ECM (Electronic Control Module) causing poor fuel economy, misfire, and poor running.

Vehicles stay running smoother and increases engine performance

Wires are numbered for easy installation

Limited lifetime warranty   

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